30 Nov

The Pope

The Pope had met with indigenous leaders before. The difference this time around was that he realised they didn’t need his help — he needed theirs.

He needed to let go of Jesus as the one and only saviour and reconnect to an intricate understanding of the web of life. He needed to integrate the fear of damnation, hell and the devil and relearn how to love those fears as part of his human self.

He needed to inhabit again his soft animal body.

He needed to undo the power structures left in the wake of colonisation. He needed to come back to Her — the mother of us all.

He needed their help to disband the church so it could turn from an oppressive and power-obsessed institution into a fluid network of activists.

He was intelligent enough to know it could be done and wise enough to know he needed to ask for help.

And the world kept changing in the softest ways.



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