27 Nov


Emile Cronjé
1 min readNov 27, 2020

“Perhaps I AM a total asshole.”

“Wow man, that is some impressive insight and personal growth there.” The orange man looked up, blinking back tears. “How can I help to make things better?”

“I think… give up power. Admit when you don’t know. Everyone that knows can tell anyway so we never hide as well as we think we do. And no-one is a total asshole. I believe there is some good inside everything and everyone. Even the people you hate the most. That includes the people you are used to hating for their otherness.”

And the orange man cried. And he let go of power. And everything became better. And people realised that fighting for power had always been an empty fight.

And so the most hated man on the planet managed to somehow save the world.