24 Nov


Emile Cronjé
Nov 24, 2020

When Richard won the $120K, he though it would be the end of his problems. Instead, it was just the beginning.

As soon as he paid all his debt ($120K), the calls started streaming in. Everyone was desperate. Everyone wanted a piece of the pie. Everyone looking at him — hopeful to be saved from their own bad decisions.

He tried to tell them. “Guys, $120K is really not that much. It’s not an unlimited amount. It’s not even one eighth of a million.”

“You’ve spent it all, haven’t you?” They would ask. They were asking questions. They wanted to know on what. They wanted to see the reward so they could participate in it. How had they even found out?

In the end, he changed his numbers. He even moved house. He became a fugitive. All because of $120K.

Emile Cronjé

Art. Agency. Activism. South Africa