10 Nov


Emile Cronjé
2 min readNov 10, 2020



“Hey Darling. Would you like to go for a walk after the rain?” “Nothing I love more than time spent with you outside.”


“Dearest, let’s go for a run early in the morning? There is a new spot I discovered that I want to show you.” “Early? Can we do breakfast first?”


“Honey! I bought you a playstation. Then we get inside and outside quality time.” “You are the ABSOLUTE BEST.”


“Hey Darling. How about a sunrise outing? There is a great view from the ridge close to our favourite bar.” “How about we go to the bar and just not go to sleep?”


“Dude. It’s cold. Come to bed.” “Just one more round, I’ll be right there.”


“Hey! You never showed up last night.” “I got caught up in this tournament, sorry Babe. But I won!” “That’s cool. What do you get for winning?”


“Dearest, I haven’t seen you surrounded by wild things in months… I know it’s winter time, but the crisp air is a treat!” “What’s that Honey? Damn, I missed that shot, did you see? Please pass me some snacks?”


“I’m going to trash that playstation. You never even look at me anymore. You never go outside.” “Why don’t you just play with me? I thought it was supposed to give us quality inside time?”


“Go team! WE BEAT THEM!”


“Hey dude, I haven’t seen our neighbours in a while. Do they still go out?” “Hmmmm, what’s that? Sorry, let me just concentrate on this last challenge.”


“Honey, I’m serious. Where are all the people? The only person I ever see is the Uber Eatz delivery, and he doesn’t even take off his helmet anymore when he delivers food.”


“Honey, there’s someone at the door.” “Don’t open it.”



Emile Cronjé

Art. Agency. Activism. South Africa